This year has been exciting and challenging for the Friends of Laura Secord. Most notable is the wonderful First Nations Stone Monument project designed by noted international architect and First Nations activist Douglas Cardinal, currently under construction at DeCew House Heritage Park in Thorold. It's enormously worthwhile and exciting, but it's a big project that demands a great deal of our volunteers' time.

In order to focus our attention and limited resources on this important Canada 150 initiative, we have reluctantly decided not to hold a formal Laura Secord Walk this June.

Instead, we are encouraging interested folks to to walk the trail on their own, either on June 22nd (the actual 204th anniversary of Laura's famous trek, or on any other date that is convenient for you).

Use our downloadable turn-by-turn trail guide and / or digital resources to help plan your hike, and stay tuned for the activities that will accompany the official opening of the First Nations Stone Monument in September.

Please consult our website and facebook page for further information on these upcoming events.

Happy hiking!

-Friends of Laura Secord